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Live Wire

What can I say? Sadly, the band is slowly moving into the pages of history, but in the chapter labeled ROCK, you’ll forever find their name carved into it in bold-type: AC/DC. And it’s tracks like this (from ’79) that put it there.

Funk 49

Back around 1970, Joe Walsh wasn’t in The Eagles. He was riding with The James Gang, and they had this little tune Funk #49. If you’ve never heard it before, don’t worry, you will have. Its DNA is scattered throughout the dozens of songs it’s influenced. And damn, the man has the same guitar as […]

My City Was Gone

Akron, Ohio is the city that’s gone, and this is probably the best live version of the song I’ve yet heard from Chrissie Hynde (the original American rock chick in London (actually, the second, after Jimi Hendrix)). What are Chrissie’s bandĀ The Pretenders all about? They’re all about a slinky, groovy interplay between two guitars and […]